Immigration Refusal

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If your Canadian immigration application has been refused, there could be a number of factors responsible for it. This might have happened because of any or a combination of these factors:

  • Your application didn't meet the standards and criteria mentioned in Immigration Regulations
  • our application didn't seem credible
  • Your application missed out on some really important information
  • It contained incorrect information
  • The immigration officer was not satisfied with your personal interview
  • You have been found involved in some criminal or offensive activity
  • You're considered a threat for Canadian security
  • You didn't meet financial requirements set out for the specific type of Canadian immigration that you were seeking

What to Do Next When Your Canadian Immigration Application is Refused?

In case your Canadian immigration application is refused by immigration officers, the first thing that you need to do is not to panic and maintain calm. Remember, you do have options. What you should do is check your options and act quickly.

  • Find out if you're eligible to appeal the decision of immigration officer
  • If yes, check how many days you have to file your appeal
  • Identify where you should file your appeal
  • Understand the process to file an appeal and check what documents you will need Find out how long it may take

You may not be able to get through the process on your own because it's too complex and time consuming. Ideally, you should consider seeking professional help and try to understand the reasons that led your application to refusal.

The immigration experts can help you re-draft your application and navigate smoothly through the process. They can guide you on what you need to do if you do not meet certain eligibility requirements.

Why Hire SPS Canada Immigration Inc. to Help You with Your Refusal?

Getting approval on your Canadian immigration application is a tough task. How simple it may appear but it doesn't just happen. The immigration officers are too strict when it comes to reviewing and interpreting applications. And once an application is refused, it stands poor chances of approval even if you re-apply.

SPS Canada Immigration Inc. is a team of qualified and registered immigration consultants who know what goes into creating a strong application and getting it approved when it's already been refused once. They assist you in every aspect of the immigration process. Although the final decision lies with the immigration officers but our team can terrifically enhance the chances your success.

Seeking help is extremely easy. All you need to do is fill up our free online immigration assessment form. And we will get back to you within one business day to discuss your eligibility and options