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Canada is in search of entrepreneurs and its new Start-up visa program is first of its kinds in the world, under which it attracts visa applications from the entrepreneurs from all over the world. This leads to economic development and employment creation while giving a great opportunity to those who want to immigrate to Canada and establish their business and settle here.

Why Should You Consider Applying for a Start-Up Visa Program?

There are many reasons for why you should consider applying for a start-up visa program, in order to immigrate to Canada. These include:

1)Canadian economy is strong and stable, making it easy for you to start a business here.

2)Canada offers high quality life, with every possible facility supporting your daily living.

3)You can benefit from special taxation incentives for establishing a business in Canada.

4)The cost of starting a business is relatively low as compared to other countries.

5)The start-up visa program links entrepreneurs with experienced private organizations who are experts in working with Start-ups.

6)Canada is a beautiful country and you can settle here with your family if you get this visa. You can also apply for a Canadian citizenship for you and your family.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Start-Up Visa?

In order to be eligible for a start-up visa program to immigrate to Canada, you must

  • Possess required linguistic ability to work in Canada, which means you should be able to demonstrate your ability to speak, write, listen and read English or French fulfilling the minimum required standards.
  • Have a formal post-secondary education, at least one year
  • Be able to prove that your business idea is supported by a designated organization (these are the organizations that participate in this program by collaborating with Canada's Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and the National Angel Capital Organization, which have further collaborated with Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
  • Have sufficient settlement funds

What will you be entitled to, if you land in the country as an immigrant under Start-Up Program?

Once you get the Canadian work visa under Start-up program, you will be entitled to:

  • Live, study and work in Canada
  • Trained workforceLive, study and work in Canada
  • Trained workforce
  • First-rate communication facilities
  • Special taxation incentives for business development
  • Permanent residence in Canada
  • Government-subsidized healthcare and education
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
Why Hire Us to Help You with Your Start-Up Visa Application?

The procedure for applying for Canadian start-up visa is complex and even the slightest error may lead to refusal of your application. It's important to first assess your eligibility for this kind of visa and ensure that you fulfill all the requirements and put your best foot forward right in the first attempt.

SPS Canada is a group of regulated immigration consultants who can help you navigate smoothly through this tough process, while ensuring a speedy processing of your application.

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