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Canada encourages family reunification; and therefore, allows its permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their children or their partner's dependent child/children to live with them in Canada, under dependent child/children visa program.

Dependent Child/Children Visa Requirements

If you're sponsoring your or your partner's dependent children, you must:

  • Prove that the children you are sponsoring are financially dependent on you
  • Agree to provide for your dependent children for a period of ten years or until they turn 25, whichever comes first
  • Show that your child is enrolled in continuous and fulltime study course at accredited educational institutes if he or she is 22 years old and/or has a spouse or a common-law partner
  • Agree to provide for your child who is over 22 for a period of three years

Your or your partner's dependent children can come to live with you in Canada, if they:

  • Meet all basic requirements for becoming temporary residents in Canada
  • Convince the immigration officer that they will stay in Canada temporarily
  • Show the letter of invitation from their sponsors
  • Prove that they have no criminal record

Dependent Child/Children Visa Entitlements

Once dependent child/children visa is granted to them, they are entitled to:

  • Get permanent residence under family class program
  • Live, study and work in Canada for a indefinite period
  • Access government subsidized education facilities
  • Seek assistance for finding employment
  • Attend language training programs
  • Participate in Retirement Plans, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Old Age Security, Pension Plans

Why Seek Professional Help with Your Dependent Child/Children Visa Applications?

Although Canada aims to foster family reunification but the dependent children visa applications can be very complex and time consuming. It is therefore essential to file a strong application and get your loved ones to live with you as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to be told that your application is refused. It's disheartening for both you and your children.

If you seek professional help, the chances of your success shoot up terrifically. The experts will eliminate all possibilities of refusal, while helping you navigate through it smoothly.

How Can SPS Canada Immigration Inc. Help You Get Your or Your Partner's Dependent Children to Canada?

We are a team of regulated immigration consultants who are qualified and registered to offer consultancy and assistance to those who want to migrate to Canada or sponsor their family members living in another country to come and live with them in Canada.

We can help you create a strong application and assist you throughout the process. You simply prepare to welcome your children while we take care of all the immigration-related formalities. We guide you how to go through the entire process and ensure success.

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