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Canada also allows temporary workers and students to extend their permit to continue working and studying in the country. You can apply online as well as on paper, if you wish to extend your work/study permit. The application should be made at least 90 days before your current status expires.

Who All Can Apply for an Extension of Work Permit?

Temporary workers
  • Live-in caregivers/nannies
  • Economic class applicants

Reasons for Why You Should Apply for Work Permit Extension

If you want to stay in Canada for any of the below mentioned reasons, you must apply for the extension of your work permit.

  • You're offered a job by a different employer in Canada
  • You're offered a different type of job in Canada
  • You're offered an extension on your job
  • You want to permanent live and work in Canada
  • You want to continue working in Canada but your status is due to expire within four months
  • You want to leave and re-enter Canada to continue working

Maximum Extension Period

  • As a temporary worker, you may be allowed an extension on your work permit for a period of time that adds up to a maximum of four years in Canada. The work period cannot exceed four years.
  • As a live-in caregiver, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence once you have accumulated enough work experi ence.
  • As an economic class applicant, you are eligible for an open work permit, which allows you to continue to work in the country while decision on your application is awaited.

Requirements for Applying for an Open Work Permit (for Economic Class Applicants)

In order to apply for an open work permit, you must:

  • Currently be in Canada
  • Have a valid work permit
  • Have received confirmation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, stating that your permanent resident application is eligible under one of these classes
  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Canadian Experience Class
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  4. Provincial nominee Program

Make an application an open work permit

Requirements for Applying for a Work Permit Extension for Live-in Caregivers

Extension of Work Permit: Live-in caregivers are granted extension on their work permits if their job has been extended by the employer. Their temporary work permit will continue until their application is processed and they have been notified of the decision.

Bridging Extension: They can apply for a bridging extension of two months if they are looking for new work while their permit is about to expire.

Work Permit for New Job: Extension on work permit doesn't allow live-in caregivers to take up a new job with a different employer. For changing jobs, they will have to apply for a new work permit. In order to apply for a new work permit, they must:

  • Submit an application, clearly stating the change of job as a reason
  • A copy of LMO (Labour Market Opinion)
  • A signed copy of employment contract with the new employer

However, before leaving their current job, they must request these documents from their employer:

  • ROE – Record of Employment, containing details of hours worked, gross earnings, reason for leaving and money payable at the
  • time of leaving the job
  • Record of Overtime Work Hours

Extension of Study Permit

In order to apply for an extension of study permit:

  • Application must be made at least 30 days before current status expires
  • Application must include the Custodianship declaration for children below 17 years of age who are studying in Canada without a parent or legal guardian

Students must leave Canada if their study permit has expired and they have not applied for an extension. However, if it expires while decision is awaited on your application that you have already made, you can continue to study until you're notified of the decision taken.

Why Seek Legal Assistance with Your Work or Study Permit Extension Application?

Even if you've been studying or working in Canada for quite some time now, applying for extension of permit involves fulfilling a lot of formalities. And even the slightest of the errors in the application can lead to refusal and you will have to leave the country. In order to handle everything carefully and enhance your chances of success, you must seek legal assistance.

Why Hire SPS Canada Inc. for Help with Your Extension of Permit?

We know what exactly goes into the process; and therefore, we can help you put your best foot forward, eliminating all possible risk of refusal. Additionally, we are a team of regulated immigration consultants who are qualified to offer consultancy and assistance to help individuals with their immigration and permit extensions.

Moreover, we are quick and cost-effective. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your options once you complete our free online assessment form.