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SPS Canada is always looking for talented professionals in the fields related to immigration. It's a great place to build your career as regulated immigration consultant, licensed immigration lawyer, paralegal and customer service representatives and customer support staff.

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Looking for a full-time Canadian Immigration employment? We might have a job opening for you. So, get in touch with us and email your job applications. We shall get back to you, should your skills match our requirements.


Interested in working on real time projects with real clients before pursuing your career full-time? Obtain hands-on experience and learn the tricks of the trade by joining us and working with a team of talented, experienced and certified professionals on real projects with real clients. Send us your apprenticeship applications and we'll get back to you shortly, should your qualifications match our requirements.


Want to put your classroom learning into practice? What can be better than working as an intern with a team of immigration professionals at a consultancy firm that has years of experience in various aspects of Canadian immigration?

It's time to get out of the school and gain a real-world experience. Sneak peek into Canadian immigration industry and know what knowledge and skills you would want to get into the field of work upon graduation.