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Canada offers a whole lot of opportunities for those who want to do business and in the country and settle here. The country offers a number of investor and business visas to people who have the ability to establish or invest in a business in Canada. The objective of these visa programs is to encourage the migration of people who can invest or generate employment in the country.

The Investor and Business Visas can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Investment-Based
  2. Entrepreneurship-Based
  3. Self-employment-Based

Common Eligibility Requirements

The common requirements for individuals who are interested in applying for a Canadian visa under any of these categories are

  • Possession of relevant business or managerial experience
  • Having a relatively high net worth
  • Having an intent to live in Canada

However, for each category, applicants have to fulfill different criteria in order to get a Canadian work visa.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

  1. Investment-based Immigration Program

    In order to qualify for this program, applicants must:

    • Have experience in operating, controlling or directing a business
    • Have accumulated a net worth of at least $1,600,000 CAN through their own ventures or undertakings
    • Invest at least $ 800,000 for five years with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  2. Entrepreneurship-based Immigration Program

    In order to qualify for this program, applicants must:

    • Establish or invest in a business in Canada within two years of arriving in Canada
    • Engage actively in ongoing management of business
    • Create at least one permanent job for people other than them and their dependents
  3. Self-Employment-based Immigration Program

    In order to be eligible for this program, applicants must either:

    • Be capable of establishing their own business or purchase a business in Canada, or
    • Be capable of purchasing and managing a farm in Canada or
    • Possess relevant experience in cultural activities or sports

    The applications of individuals applying under this category are reviewed on the basis of their

    • Net worth
    • Business ability and experience
    • Artistic qualifications
Why Hire Us to Help You with Your Applications in These Categories?

Migrating to Canada under investor and business visa categories may seem uncomplicated but it is not. You may not meet certain criteria or may not know how to proceed with it. Moreover, in some cases, you may not have to go through the tough process and meet all terms and conditions. Basis your current business status or net worth, your migration may be unconditional.

SPS Canada helps you figure out under what category you fall and how you can put your best foot forward and get your application approved as soon as possible. And you may not know what works out to be the best for you. We are a team of immigration experts who help you highlight your strong points and get through the process quickly, while eliminating all possible risks of refusal.

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